ANZATSA Conference 2019


Keynote Speaker

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Simon Hackett
Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect, Durham University, UK
Simon Hackett is Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Department of Sociology at Durham University and also Principal of St Mary's College. As Principal of St Mary's, Simon is responsible for the overall direction and leadership of the College. St Mary's is one of Durham's oldest colleges and comprises a community of approximately 900 undergraduates and over 100 postgraduates from all disciplines. In the Department of Sociology, Simon teaches primarily on the MSW and criminology programmes. Simon is Vice Chair of the University's Ethics Advisory Committee and Chair of Durham University's Safeguarding Management Group and Chair of NOTA, a child protection charity and professional association with branches across the UK and Republic of Ireland. NOTA promotes work with offenders as a way of safeguarding children and preventing sexual abuse.
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Sharon Kelley
Forensic Psychologist, Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center
Dr. Sharon Kelley is an SVP evaluator with the Sand Ridge Evaluation Unit in Wisconsin. She is currently the chapter president of the Wisconsin Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (WI-ATSA). She is a licensed psychologist in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California. She is an approved trainer for the SAPROF, an instrument designed to assess protective factors, as well as the VRS-SO, an instrument designed to evaluate the effect of risk reduction due to treatment change. She is a co-developer of the SAPROF-SO, which is an actuarially based measure of protective factors specifically designed for individuals who have been charged with sex offenses.
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Raymond Knight
Brandeis University
Dr. Raymond Knight is Professor Emeritus of Human Relations at Brandeis University. He has been doing research on sexual aggression for more than four decades. He has developed and validated taxonomic models for rapists and child molesters and has completed a 25-year follow-up of sex offenders released from the Massachusetts Treatment Center. He is currently validating the Multidimensional Inventory of Development, Sex, and Aggression (the MIDSA), which is a computerized contingency-based inventory that provides a comprehensive assessment of multiple critical areas of adaptation for juvenile and adult sexual offenders. He has served as president of both the Society for Research in Psychopathology and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Recently, his work has been recognized with the Joseph Zubin Lifetime Achievement Award for Research in Psychopathology and the Theoharis Seghorn Award for Professional Achievement in Preventing Sexual Abuse.
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David Thornton
Forensic Assessment, Training & Research
David Thornton, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice in Wisconsin and holds a part time position as a professor in the department of clinical psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway. He was research director for Wisconsin’s program for sexually violent persons for three years and previously was the treatment director for that program for over a decade. He has published on evidence-based standards for effective correctional programs and on the importance of therapist style in the provision of treatment designed to reduce sexual recidivism. He has been involved in the development of static actuarial instruments to assess sexual recidivism risk, contributing to the development of such scales as Static-99, Static-2002, Static-99R, Static-2002R and Risk Matrix 2000. He has been involved in the development of psychological risk assessment, creating the Structured Risk Assessment (SRA) framework. David Thornton has published three books, over 15 chapters in edited books, and over 75 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
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Stephen Smallbone
Emeritus Professor, Griffith University
Stephen Smallbone worked as a prison psychologist before joining Griffith University in 1998. From 2010 to 2014 he was an Australian Research Council Fellow. In 2016 he retired from the University, and is now Professor Emeritus at the Griffith Criminology Institute. His publications include the books Situational prevention of child sexual abuse (Criminal Justice Press, 2006), Preventing child sexual abuse: Evidence, policy and practice (Willan, 2008), and Internet child pornography: Causes, investigation and prevention (Praeger, 2012). In recent years he has been working directly with child-serving organisations to advise on their efforts to develop ‘child safe, child friendly’ cultures, policies and practices.
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Lynore Geia
College of Healthcare Sciences, James Cook University
Dr Lynore Geia (PhD) is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman born and raised on Palm Island off the coast of North Queensland, Australia, a forced Aboriginal community (1918 -1980s) under government legislation, now home to the Bwgcolman people. Lynore is a nurse and midwife, and is currently employed as Academic Lead for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in the College of Health Care Sciences at James Cook University, Townsville. Lynore is an experienced health professional in Indigenous health and has worked at State, Territory, and Federal level, and is committed to developing effective research practice for service reforms that particularly impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island holistic family health. Lynore has recently worked on a correctional services project in relation to Indigenous sex offender programs, and brings a legitimacy in her perspective in the sexual harm field from the shared lived experience of Indigenous people in community. Lynore’s work in health and prison related care in community has extended to public health and social justice advocacy and activism on social media
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Neil Campbell
Director Cultural Capability, Dept of Corrections (NZ)
Neil (Ngāti Porou/Te Whanau A Apanui) has been employed as the General Manager Cultural Capability since 2018. Prior to this he was the Director Maori Department of Corrections for ten years. Before this, he held a number of positions within different Māori-focused teams including the Director Māori Rehabilitation and Reintegration, the Manager Māori Services (Southern Region), Partnership Manager Northern Region, and the Regional Adviser Māori Service Development. In his 26 years with Corrections, he has worked at every level of interaction with offenders including design, development and delivery of interventions. He was a board member with the SAFE Network from 2002 – 2008. Neil is driven by culture in its many contexts and works closely with other jurisdictions on matters of cultural identity and effective ways of working with indigenous peoples within the Criminal Justice system.
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Gary Foster
Queensland Department of Child Safety, Women and Children
Gary Foster B.S.W. PhD is currently Practice Manager for the National Redress Scheme Direct Personal Response within the Queensland Department of Child Safety, Women and Children. He was previously the founder/manager of the Living Well service that provides counselling and group support to men who have been subjected to childhood sexual abuse or adult sexual assault, as well as to partners, families and communities (see His Doctoral Thesis ‘Male Rape and the Government of Bodies’ examined the limits of current understandings and governmental responses to the problem of male on male rape. Gary appeared as an expert witness at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and has presented at national and international conferences on improving responses to men subjected to sexual violence. He is interested in developing engaging, effective practice responses that diminish the influence of sexual violence in all people’s lives.
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Claire Walker
Principal Advisor, Murridhagun Cultural Centre , Queensland Corrective Services
Claire is a Wiradjuri woman from out west in NSW. She has worked across many areas in Queensland Corrective Services since 2001 and in the cultural space specifically since 2011. She has strong connections to her own people and many other mobs across Queensland, including the Torres Strait, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Claire has lived experience of the historical and contemporary issues in communities that influence the overrepresentation of her people at every level of the criminal justice system. She is passionate about imbedding cultural safety and provides the cultural lens around trauma informed practice in policy and procedure.

Claire was the QCS lead in relation to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Smoke Free Prisons, Indigenous sex offender project and she holds the transgender portfolio.
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Kathryn Mandla
National Office for Child Safety
Kathryn Mandla commenced as the inaugural Head of the National Office for Child Safety on 2 July 2018. She has worked as a senior executive in the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services responsible for children and family policies and programs, including family safety. She previously managed central policy functions for that Department including international relations, performance, evaluation and research as well as managing the Australian Government’s housing and homelessness policy and programs. Ms Mandla was the elected Chair of the OECD Working Party on Social Policy from 2016-19 and represented the Australian Government on that committee. Prior to joining the Commonwealth Public Service, Ms Mandla worked for the Queensland Government as a senior executive responsible for child protection policy and programs, and headed up the Office for Women. Ms Mandla has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland.

Workshop Presenter

Judith Sims-Knight
Chancellor Professor University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Dr. Judith Sims-Knight is Chancellor Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. She is a developmental psychologist who has studied the development of higher-order thinking and expertise for forty years. In the last fifteen years she has added a second line of research, exploring aggression, particularly sexual aggression, and bullying. She is the co-creator of the Multidimensional Inventory of Development, Sex, and Aggression (MIDSA), which is the inventory that will be demonstrated in the proposed symposium. Her primary interests in this domain are the etiology and differentiation of various components of aggression and bullying, and in gender differences in aggression and sexual aggression.
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Maaike Helmus
Simon Fraser University
L. Maaike Helmus is an Assistant Professor in Criminology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her research has focused on offender risk assessment, particularly regarding risk scale development and validation, and risk assessment for subgroups such as sex offenders, domestic violence offenders, and Indigenous offenders. She is part of the development team for Static-99R, Static-2002R, BARR-2002R, STABLE-2007, ACUTE-2007, VRAG-R, CPORT, and the Risk of Administrative Segregation Tool (RAST). Dr. Helmus also has a particular interest in meta-analysis and statistical approaches to prediction. She is currently co-editor of the journal Sexual Offender Treatment and on the editorial board of Sexual Abuse. A former Banting postdoc scholar and winner of the Governor General’s Gold Medal for her work in risk assessment, Dr. Helmus has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards from organizations including the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
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Kelly Richards
Queensland University of Technology
Dr Kelly Richards is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at QUT whose research interests involve restorative justice, Circles of Support and Accountability and youth justice. Prior to joining QUT in 2013, she worked in the nongovernment and government sectors, including five years as a senior researcher at the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC). From 2008 – 2012, Kelly was a Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Restorative Justice at the Australian National University.
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Jodie Death
Queensland University of Technology
Dr Jodi Death is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at QUT whose primary research interest is in child sexual abuse in institutional care. This includes identifying and responding to the voices and needs of survivors and developing an understanding of historic paedophile networks. This work builds on Jodi’s PhD which examined the role of forgiveness in ways that churches are responding to child sexual abuse by church leaders.
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Kieran McCartan
University of the West of England
Professor Kieran McCartan is a professor of Criminology at UWE and an Adjunct at QUT. Professor McCartan has a track record of public, academic and professional engagement on criminological issues, including the origins and causes of sex offending, and societal responses to sex offenders. He has developed a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary network around sex offender management and reintegration.
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Ian Nussey
Ian Nussey Psychology
Ian Nussey is a Psychologist based in south-east Queensland who has been providing therapy and development processes for individuals, families, groups and organisations since 1990, in educational facilities and in fulltime private practice since 2003. Ian specialises in working with children, young people, their families or carers, and organisations providing out-of-home care services in either youth justice or child protection contexts. Ian was a member of the expert advisory group for development of the Hope and Healing Framework. Ian has particular expertise in developmental trauma and attachment disorders, substance misuse, sexual abuse, problem/ abusive sexual behaviours, areas of youth offending (including violent and sexual) and family reunifications after significant trauma (including abuse)
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Lesley Ayland
Lesley Ayland is a clinical psychologist and is the CEO of WellStop in New Zealand. Bill West is a Senior Therapist in the WellStop Wellington Adult Team. WellStop provides services for those who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour, and those who have been sexually harmed, across the lower North Island New Zealand, with 11 offices in urban and rural centres. Bill and Lesley have worked for WellStop for over 20 years and developed the Good Way model while working for the WellStop Wellington Youth Team.
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Richard Parker
Corrective Services New South Wales
Dr Parker has worked with a variety of offenders for over 20 years, across a number of jurisdictions. He has designed and implemented programs for sexual, violent, general and family violence offenders; and with both adult and juvenile offenders. He is co-author of the book 'Cognitive Self Change: How offenders experience the world and what we can do about it'. Dr Parker currently works conducting assessments and interventions for high risk sexual and violent offenders in NSW.
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Toni Cash
Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
Manager Practice Advice and Support (PAS – formerly CCAPS)
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Katie Gotch
Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services
Ms. Gotch has worked in the field of sexual abuse prevention since 2000 as a clinician, evaluator, trainer, and in legislative/policy development. Her private practice, Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services, provides specialized clinical and consultation services related to adults with sexual behavior problems and other forms of abusive/violent behavior. She is a Clinical Member & Public Policy Executive Board Member – ATSA and a Board Member & Public Policy Action Team Co-Chair – NPEIV. She frequently provides training on sexual abuse specific management and treatment, static and dynamic risk, public policy, public engagement, and related topics. She is a certified Static-99R/STABLE & ACUTE-2007 trainer.
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Karla Lopez
Victoria Police
Dr Karla Lopez is the Senior Forensic Psychologist within the Offender Management Division at Victoria Police. She has 20 years’ experience working with a broad range of offender populations, including violent and sexual offenders, as well as youth and female offenders. She has held senior roles within correctional, community health, prison and policing settings. She has a particular interest in risk assessment and offender management and training practitioners in relation to evidence-based practice.
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Margaret-Anne Laws
New Zealand Police
Senior Sergeant Margaret-Anne is a registered psychologist and sworn Police Officer. She has worked with persons who have committed sexual offences for over 20 years across both community and prison settings. She has worked as a Corrections Psychologist, Police Detective investigating sex crimes, Behavioural Science Unit Detective/Psychologist, and as a private practitioner in private practice. Margaret-Anne is currently the psychologist with the New Zealand Child Sex Offender Register.
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Carol Ronken
Carol Ronken is the Director of Research for Bravehearts and is passionate about ensuring the organisation’s active involvement in research, policy and legislative development that aims to prevent, respond to, and ultimately reduce the incidence of child sexual assault and exploitation. In 2011 she received an award from the Queensland Police Service Child Protection and Investigation Unit for her contribution to child protection. Carol has also co-authored The Bravehearts Toolbox for Practitioners working with Child Sexual Assault (Australian Academic Press, 2011). In January 2017, Carol accepted a 3 year position as a Visiting Fellow in the School of Justice, Faculty of Law, at Queensland University of Technology. She is a member of a number of working groups, including the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation Research Working Group, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s Online Safety Consultative Working Group, the Twitter Trust and Safety Council (Australia) and the Australian Child Rights Taskforce. Her professional memberships include the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology, the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and the Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland.
Marcella Leonard
Leonard Consultancy
Marcella Leonard: BSc (HONS) C.Q.S.W., MSc AASW, PG Dip ATSO, ASW, ASI, PT Is Director of Leonard Consultancy and qualified as a social worker in 1989. Marcella has specialised in assessment and treatment in the fields of sexuality, sexual deviancy and sexual trauma. She has two areas of specific interest, one, in developing the understanding of those working within criminal justice and risk management in utilising the knowledge of normal sexual development to understand sexual deviancy. The other area is in as her role as a psychosexual therapist to assist victims of sexual trauma to regain a healthy sexual life without re-experiencing trauma. As Director of Leonard Consultancy, Marcella works in New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Gibraltar and Canada as well as throughout UK and Ireland in delivering specialist training, consultancy and programme development. She completed 3 years as Co-ordinator of Public Protection Arrangements in N. Ireland (PPANI). Marcella has assisted NOMS and College of Policing in their roll out of the ARMS risk assessment training for public protection Police in England and Wales.

She currently provides risk assessments for children, adolescents and adults and the ability to protect assessments for a range of organisations including Social Care Trusts, Education, Religious, Sports and Solicitors and employing agencies throughout UK and Ireland. She is an external public and child protection consultant with the Royal Gibraltar Police, Prison, Probation and Care Agencies as they further develop their multiagency public protection arrangements. She also provides clinical supervision for senior social work and psychology personnel throughout Ireland in their work with victims and offenders of sexual abuse. Marcella also undertakes reviews of social work practice in child and adult social care cases. Marcella is currently the Vice Chair of the N Ireland Association of Social Workers and Director of British Association of Social Workers, Chair of NI NOTA Conference and Training Committee.